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Monday, January 4th, 2010 by Joseph Vaughan

Comment Icon0 This document provides an overview of the main elements of an Information Technology strategy for Harvey Mudd College.

Comment Icon0 Strategic planning takes an institutional point of view and is therefore not focused on the Department of Computing and Information Services alone.

Comment Icon0 Earlier drafts of this document went into detail about operational issues in many areas. The current version represents a different approach. Information technology planning can be broken into four categories:

  • Comment Icon0
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical planning
  • Unit and project planning
  • Team and individual work planning

Comment Icon0 This document is an instance of the first kind of planning. It is intended to give an overall direction with a set of overarching goals, but not dictate the steps required to reach the goals.

Comment Icon0 The other three types of planning are ongoing, more detailed, and often modified to reflect new developments or the results of previous steps. Detailed planning will be documented as we develop tactical initiatives that carry forward the strategy.

Comment Icon0 Over the past year, it has emerged that there are four core areas that HMC’s IT strategy needs to address:

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  • Information Technology Governance at HMC
  • Information Technology Infrastructure at HMC
  • The central IT organization at HMC (Computing and Information Services)
  • Innovation in IT at HMC

Comment Icon0 These areas are interdependent and in each of them HMC faces significant challenges. As the 2007 IT Review pointed out:

Comment Icon0 And the reviewers went on to write:

Comment Icon0 It will take the commitment, thoughts, and contributions of the entire institution to achieve. We don’t mean this as a platitude. We are quite serious that IT excellence in higher education, especially for an institution of HMC’s size and quality, is not a solved problem1.

Comment Icon0 This strategy document and the other kinds of planning that flow from it, which are already well under way, are intended to represent a path toward IT excellence for Harvey Mudd College.

Comment Icon0 1Tedd Dodds and Joel Smith, Harvey Mudd College IT Review, July 2007 See


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