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Sep 29, 2008
Several staff members in our office have personal printers for small every-day type jobs, and we have a larger printer for mass mailings and other uses. As a result, we each accumulate spent ink cartridges and other detritus of expended printing materiel. It would be nice to recycle these cartridges, but I am not sure if this is a function that IT should perform or if it falls under the aegeis of F&M, or some other body....
Comment on Sep 29, 2008
This is a great idea. I will check in with F&M as to what would be the best way for HMC to go about this.
Comment on Oct 13, 2008
CIS has a collection box for toner cartridges near the Help Desk in the CIS offices in the basement of Parsons. The collected cartridges are recycled through "Cartridges for Kids" and the money collected is donated to the Claremont High School Theater Department. We will gladly accept any cartridges you have.
Comment on Dec 11, 2008
For toner cartridges, most toner supplies should provide recycling labels with the new cartridges. I'm not sure inkjet manufacturers are as nice, however.
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Aug 28, 2008
Internal payments for use of ITS equipment seems like it would cost the college more in overhead simply to shift accounts from one department to another. It also seems contrary to ITS's mission to encourage and enable technology use in service to the college's mission, since it actually discourages technology use.
Response on Aug 29, 2008
We do need to review the rationale for charging for equipment like projectors.
by Joseph Vaughan, CIO/Vice-President for Computing and Information Services
Comment on Dec 11, 2008
Seems like DoF or some other internal org that's responsible for classroom facilities should cover any equipment that's installed in classrooms. It's not unreasonable for CIS to charge someone for the costs of equipment it has to buy, store, maintain, transport, set up, or operate, but the charges should probably go against some central account for normal teaching/research uses. (That is, if a student group wants to show movies and requests a projector and set up, charging the sponsoring group makes sense, but if a professor needs something for a class or if there's a public lecture, any charges made shouldn't come to the professor or department.) It's even possible that the account things are charged to is part of CIS, and it might not be so much a real account with real money moving around as a way of keeping track of the kinds of equipment and labor needed to help when it comes time for budgeting for equipment and personnel.
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Aug 23, 2008
Dear CIS folks, I could really use the ability to have CIS videotape events (visiting lecturers, etc) and have them available over the long-term on a website as streaming video. I've needed this on a number of occasions over the past five years, and CIS has never been able to do it. Many thanks, Paul
Comment on Sep 8, 2008
I would echo Paul's idea. In Admission, there are certain event s that we host on campus that might lend themselves to recording and broadcast live or on podcast, given the propere technology. Or possibly doing teleconference interviews if this is not too cost prohibitive.
Comment on Dec 11, 2008
Math has had the last two Baldy/HMC conferences recorded and we can serve streams from CIS's server, so it's doable. An issue I see is that the streaming server uses an older Microsoft protocol that's apparently been deprecated. It does work on Macs (with Perian installed), and can probably be made to work on Linux systems, but it's definitely Windows oriented.
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Aug 20, 2008
Portal. For the love of God, make it die already.
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