IT planning

Welcome to the HMC IT Planning website. This site supports the 2008 IT planning process at Harvey Mudd. It is not intended to be a permanent site, just a place to put documents and continue discussions while the plan is being developed.

For any institution, the road forward starts with vision, leadership, and strategy. That is why our list of 10 strategic recommendations begins with the need for an IT strategy at the College. We hope this strategy can be developed expeditiously, possibly using the recent IT self study and this report as a foundation. Many of our other recommendations can be viewed as finding ways to increase the internal IT capacity and service levels while recognizing the need for careful investment given the College’s financial constraints.
Dodds and Smith, 2007 IT Review

What you'll find here

The menu tabs above link to some elements of IT Planning. There's an interactive timeline that gives you an idea of what to expect as well as which committees and groups are involved. We have the 2007 IT Review, written by UBC CIO Tedd Dodds and CMU CIO Joel Smith. It is stored in Comment Press, which will allow you to comment on the review paragraph by paragraph. Your comments will feed into the IT plan. The link to "Documents" contains background documentation and will contain new iterations of the draft plan as they are released. Please explore and send suggestions about how we might improve the site.

The suggestion box link provides the ability to make (and comment on) suggestions.

What you can do to help

Participate! Join the discussion of the IT Review, make suggestions, talk to the people on our committees and task forces. Make sure that your views are known. Then, when we have the final plan, support it, help to make it work, and help to review it in the future.

Dec 19, 2009
Draft 0.91 is available. Download the pdf here
Online version with comments