Order out of chaos for user accounts drives CIS Identity Management project

CIS is presently engaged in evaluating several software products that automate much of the work of creating and managing user login accounts.  In addition to making the administrative work easier and more streamlined within CIS, these products provide features that enable users to reset their own passwords, change their own privacy preferences, and update some of their own directory information (mobile phone number for example). Particularly notable is that passwords changed through a provisioning system are automatically propagated and synchronized to all of the user’s HMC accounts (Windows, Email etc).

Another feature is delegation of many resource management activities away from CIS and out to departments that determine them in the first place. It would be possible in principle (hedging a bit; this will take time) to enable designated department administrators to control directly the granting of access to department resources such as shared folders, web content and so on, rather than having to contact CIS to have this done.

CIS is receiving presentations from software vendors and expects to have a decision on future direction by the end of May 2010.  Andy Davenport and Stephen Schwartz, an external consultant, are leading this project.