Fall semester reminders for faculty

Dear Faculty,

Welcome back! I hope you had a great summer break. Just some reminders for the fall semester.

– CIS labs now available in VEMS

– Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment

– Audiovisual services and support

– New account requests for non-HMC students

– Shared folders on Charlie

– Course Mudd Shots

– Course mailing lists

– VPN (Virtual Private Network)

– Help Desk

Please read and SAVE this information for your reference.

CIS labs now available in VEMS

You can now view and request reservations for the 3 CIS labs in VEMS. The advantage to using VEMS is that you can see right away whether the lab is available. You can find VEMS at http://emsweb.claremont.edu/HMC/. We will continue to accept reservation requests from email sent to help-desk@hmc.edu as well.

Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment

Fall 2008 courses have been created and populated with students and faculty. Sakai’s address is https://sakai.claremont.edu/. If you’ve never used your LDAP password you can stop by the CIS Help Desk and Raymond, Chris or I can reset it for you so that you can login. We will be running imports from CARS/CX every night to add students as they add courses, and will also inactivate students who drop courses. Please remember to use the Auditor role when adding participants who are not on the official course roster in CX. Also, if you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and would prefer a combined Sakai site rather than separate section sites, please send email to help-desk@hmc.edu and we can create a combined site for you.

Audiovisual services

I’m sure many of you are tired of being reminded about this, but please remember to use the A/V request Web form at http://www.hmc.edu/about/administrativeoffices/cis1/audiovisualoffice1.html to request an audiovisual setup. Please send your request at least 24 hours, and preferably 48 hours, in advance. You may want to take a look at the A/V policy at http://www.hmc.edu/about/administrativeoffices/cis1/policies/av-policy.html.

There will be a staff member available during the lunch hour to handle audiovisual emergencies. So please call 7-7777 during the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm if you need help with an audiovisual setup.

Also please don’t forget to TURN OFF the video projectors when you are done using them. The projectors can overheat when left on and the bulbs are VERY expensive to replace. Thanks!

New account requests for non-HMC students

If you have non-HMC students in your class and you want them to use the CIS labs, they will need a Charlie account. If they need to use the Macintosh lab they will also need an LDAP/Odin account. The Web form is available at http://www.hmc.edu/about/administrativeoffices/cis1/portal_facstaff.html.

Please use the Web form when requesting accounts for any non-HMC students in your classes. We do NOT accept requests from the students themselves.

Shared folders on Charlie

Now that we have Sakai we hope that more of you will consider using Sakai instead of shared folders on Charlie for your courses and research. 😉 But if you do have a shared folder and need to change who has access to the folder please use our web form at http://www.hmc.edu/about/administrativeoffices/cis1/forms/sharereq.html.

Course Mudd Shots

Course Mudd Shots have been updated for the fall semester. They are available at http://www.internal.hmc.edu/dir/courses/.

Course mailing lists

You should have received an email message for each course mailing list that you own. Please be sure to read it carefully. Please save this message as you will need the list password to subscribe and unsubscribe people to the list. You can direct any questions about mailing lists to listmaster@hmc.edu.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

As more faculty travel with laptops and move from using the HMC modem pool to DSL at home, we would like to remind you about the availability of the VPN. The VPN software allows you to connect to the HMC network to use HMC- and Claremont-only resources when connecting to the Internet via an ISP. It also allows you to send email without having to change your outgoing mail server settings. You can check out the VPN CD from the Help Desk.

Help Desk

Finally, if you have any questions or problems please call the Help Desk at extension 7-7777 or send email to help-desk@hmc.edu.

Have a good semester,

— Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hodas
Group Leader, User Support Group Elizabeth_Hodas@hmc.edu
Harvey Mudd College 909-607-4583

Course and Dorm Mudd Shots

Every semester CIS creates and maintains two web sites for the benefit of the HMC community. The Course Mudd Shots web site contains web pages for each course taught at HMC. On each course page are photos of all of the students registered for the class. While student photos are also available in the Jenzabar faculty web portal, the photos in Mudd Shots are larger and easier to print. Many faculty print out their Course Mudd Shots pages and create flash cards so that they can recognize the students in their classes by name on the first day of classes!

The Dorm Mudd Shots pages are similar in concept, except they are organized by dorm floors so that students can get to know the names and faces of students in their dorm.

The Course Mudd Shots pages are located at http://www.internal.hmc.edu/dir/courses/. Dorm Mudd Shots are located at http://www.internal.hmc.edu/dir/dorms/. These pages are restricted by IP address so you must either be on the HMC campus or using the VPN in order to view them.

Course MuddShots were updated for the Fall 2008 semester on August 12th.

They include frosh photos with the following caveats:

– Not all frosh sent in photos

– Not all course assignments have been made

– Course assignments may change depending on placement exams

We will be running updates every night or so. Frosh photos have also been uploaded to the Jenzabar faculty web portal as well. In addition we are planning on eventually uploading them to Sakai so that they will be available in the Roster tool. We’ll keep you posted on our progress with that project.

Dorm Mudd Shots have not yet been updated for Fall 2008, but should be available shortly.

RefWorks News

We have exciting news about our RefWorks license. If you’re not familiar with RefWorks, it is our web-accessible bibliographic database software that is administered by the Libraries. It is similar to EndNote but is completely web-based. RefWorks is available to all faculty, staff, and students at The Claremont Colleges. You can easily create a RefWorks account by going to the Libraries web site at http://libraries.claremont.edu/ and selecting RefWorks from their Quick Links menu.

A new feature called RefShare has just been added to our license. RefShare allows you to share your bibliographic references with other users, even users who do not have RefWorks accounts. You can share individual folders or your entire bibliographic database. When you set up a share, RefWorks generates a special URL which you can then email, post to a web page, or add to your Sakai site. Clicking on the URL takes the user to RefShare where they can view your references, comment on them, use them to create a bibliography and cite them in their papers. Pretty much the only thing users can’t do is edit the references or add or delete them. More info on RefShare is available when you login to RefWorks under Help/Tutorial/RefShare/.

There’s also a new version of Write-N-Cite for Windows. Write-N-Cite allows you to have an abbreviated off-line version of your bibliographic database.

Finally, we have a trial of a brand new service from RefWorks called RefAware until September 10th, 2008. RefAware is a current awareness service that allows you to created saved searches to find brand-new research in your field. I encourage you to try this new service out before the expiration. You can create a new RefAware account by going to http://www.refaware.com and clicking on the “Create a New Account” link. You can even link your RefAware account with your RefWorks account in order to import directly into RefWorks.

Digital Humanities Fellowship

The Stanford Humanities Center has announced a Digital Humanities Fellowship for 2009-2010:

The Stanford Humanities Center seeks to award one Digital Humanities Fellowship for the academic year 2009-2010 to a junior or senior scholar.

The Digital Humanities Fellowship reflects the Stanford Humanities Center’s commitment to supporting new directions in humanities research. The fellowship is intended for humanities scholars whose research methods are critically shaped by information technology. Projects should be oriented to producing new research outcomes rather than focusing primarily on the creation of archives or software. Appropriate projects will approach significant questions in humanistic study with the aid of new research tools or methodologies.

Deadline is October 15, 2008. Full details at http://shc.stanford.edu/fellowships/digital_hum.htm

Portal upgrade II

The faculty and student portal will be upgraded to version 6.4 on Monday August 18.  Here are some more details about it.

The portal is run on an application called Jenzabar internet campus solution (JICS), which in turn is part of a suite of Jenzabar applications that the Claremont Colleges selected some years ago.
Contents in the new portal (information provided by Sonya Zhang):

Faculty Portlets:
Faculty Course Control – Faculty Course Schedule, Course Details, Class List, Grade Entry.
Advisee Roster – Search for advisees, view their academic history or send email.
Course Schedules – Search for Claremont colleges courses.

Student Portlets:
Student Schedule – Student Course Schedule.
Grade Report – View grades by semester.
Unofficial Transcript – View and print unofficial Transcript.
Degree Audit – View roadmap towards the completion of your degree.
GPA Projection – Calculate projected GPA.
Course Schedules – Search courses offering at the Claremont Colleges.
Claremont Course Schedule – Another way of searching courses offering at the Claremont Colleges.
Student Account Info – View and pay student account balance online.
Residence Information – View your campus address.
Financial Aid Awards – View financial aid application status, documents, awards, and messages.
Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network – Contact alumni who are willing to assist you with your career planning and job/internship searches.

Interface of the new portal:

The interface of the new portal is tab-oriented. Each tab contains one or more portlets. Each portlet is set to be the minimized screen by default. This will offer you only the options you are most likely to be interested in. You can click the title of the portlet to view the maximized screen, which usually offers more user options. For example, in student schedule portlet, a student user can select different academic terms in max screen. On the top right corner of each portlet there is a wrench icon which provides customization options, depending on the portlets. For example, in advisee roster portlet, a faculty user can define preferred search criteria to be “active advisees”.

Portal upgrade I

Effective August 18, the HMC Campus Portal available at https://portal.hmc.edu will be upgraded from version 4.2 to version 6.4.

Portal 6.4 Home Page
Portal 6.4 Home Page

As you know, the Portal provides information about things like course schedules, class lists, advisees, grade entry (for faculty) and unofficial transcripts (for students). It is part of a suite of software applications that the Claremont Colleges all use.

Some of you will already have used this version of the portal when you visited https://portal64.hmc.edu, a URL which will continue to function. If you need to access the old portal after August 18, you should visit https://portal42.hmc.edu.

We believe that this new version of the Portal software will go some way toward resolving issues around performance and the user interface. We hope you will agree. Either way, we would like to hear what you think about the new software, so don’t hesitate to call, write or visit.

Thanks are due to Sonya Zhang for her hard work in getting the new software up and running, and to Registrar Noel Keller for advice.

Sakai Upgrade

Sakai Menu Screenshot
Sakai Menu Screenshot

This weekend we will be upgrading the Claremont Sakai server from version 2.4 to version 2.5. The upgrade will take place on Sunday between 9:00AM – Midnight (August 10, 2008). Sakai will be unavailable during this time. In addition to many bug fixes and a few tool enhancements, you’ll notice a slightly new look to the interface.

The most important change is that the Discussion tool has been retired and replaced with the Forums tool. This applies to both course sites and project sites. Fall 2008 course sites have been created with the Forums tool in the default tool set.

Unfortunately, there is no easy one-click export utility for the Discussion tool. If you have a project site and need an archive of the old Discussion tool contents please email Elizabeth Hodas ASAP. If you are a faculty member and would like to re-use Discussion topics from an old course site please send her email ASAP as well.

Visit the Claremont Sakai Site at http://sakai.claremont.edu/

Computing Committee 08-09

The computing committee for 2008-09 was recently named. The committee members are:

Jim Eckert (Physics), Chair

David Harris (Engineering)

Chris Stone (Computer Science)

Martin Pyne ’09 (student)

Joseph Vaughan (CIS), ex officio

The computing committee charge (from the Faculty Handbook) is as follows:

  • To represent faculty and student computing interests;
  • To advise the Chief Information Officer on computing policies and on long-range planning for information techology;
  • To advise the faculty and college leadership about information technology needs, policies, and long-range planning.