Apple workshop

iTunes UOn January 14,  2011 CIS sponsored a workshop by Apple for faculty and staff on creating student-generated video content. Our two Apple representatives, Tony Graham and Jeff Monday, both presented. Five HMC faculty and 10 HMC staff members attended the workshop. Jeff began the workshop with a presentation on Apple’s efforts to support the creation of short video by students as part of the course syllabus with distribution through iTunes U. Jeff and Tony have been working with several colleges in southern California and showed examples of student work and interviews with faculty who have incorporated these types of projects into their syllabus.

Tony then reviewed some of the basic do’s and don’t’s when creating short videos. He divided the attendees into four groups and handed out Flip-style video cameras. The assignment was to come up with an idea for a 2-minute video and shoot the video on campus in about an hour and a half. The groups then came back and used iMovie to edit their videos with transitions, titles and music. At the end of the workshop each group presented their video to the rest of the class. One group created a promotional video for Homework Hotline. Another group made a very amusing video about getting lost in the maze of the Libra Complex basement.

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