CIS deploys new copiers

Last week, CIS replaced the Canon copiers located in Platt (in front of the Registrar’s office) and Kingston 138 with two Sharp MX-4101Ns as the replacement copiers.  These copiers are color, full-featured copiers with duplexing, saddle-finishing, stapling, extra large paper trays, and scanning-to-PDF functions. There is no charge for scanning.

You can also print directly to the copiers (department charges for prints are the same as for copies).  If you would would like to use this feature, please feel free to contact the CIS Help Desk so we can set it up for you.

A complete reference guide for the new Sharp copier is available online here:

If you were unable to attend one of the recent training sessions held by SoCal Office Technologies, one important change is that there is a slight difference in how you log in to the new copiers. The Canon copiers asked for a department id and then a passcode.  With the new Sharp copiers, you only need your passcode to log in to the new copiers.  If you don’t know what your passcode is, just add a 3 to your department id and that should work.  If you have any trouble with your code, please feel free to contact the CIS Help Desk.

We are currently investigating adding card swipe to both of these administrative copiers.
There are also many improvements coming in the area of student printing.

Following the guidance of the Print Task Force, we will be installing card swipe printing on all of the student printers.  The first phase will involve installing two new very-high-speed Sharp copiers for students in the Sprague Learning Studio and LAC.  After these copiers are installed, we will implement card swipe access on all the student printers and copiers.

Printing and copying will remain free for all HMC students with card swipe access.  Currently, students print directly to the printers, and the print job starts printing right away.  Students then pick up the print job at a later time.  However, a student study found that at least 40% of print jobs are never picked up from the printers, leading to a significant amount of paper, toner, and energy waste.

With the new card swipe system, students will print to a centralized server that holds their print jobs.  They can then walk up to any student printer on campus, swipe their ID card, and their print job immediately comes out.  The copiers can print 75 pages per minute, so the print job will come out quickly.

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