January Audiovisual News

Over winter break we renovated several classrooms and meeting rooms with new video projectors. The Green Room and Platt A/B both received new Epson video projectors. While the video projectors that we removed were not particularly old, they did not work well with all laptop models. So we’re excited to be able to replace them with newer, more reliable projectors. We had similar issues in Jacobs B132 and Parsons 2358 and the projectors have been replaced in those rooms as well. A new SP control system was installed in Beckman B134 and the projector cable was moved to a safer spot in the room. Last semester we replaced the projector cable several times after it was damaged by people kicking or tripping over it. The new system should be much more convenient and easy to use.

In addition to projector upgrades we also made several lighting upgrades over winter break. In the Learning Studio classroom it is now possible to turn off all of the overhead lights in the room. There are two zones so that the lights in front of the screen can be turned off while leaving the rest of the lights on, or all of the lights can be turned off. The lights in the sofit do not yet have a control switch, but we’ll be looking at tackling that next. In Galileo Pryne and Galileo Edwards the lighting in front of the blackboards has been improved, similar to what was done in Galileo McAlister last year.

We’ve also purchased four new faculty lecterns with financial assistance from the Dean of Faculty’s Office. Last fall we purchased three different models of faculty lecterns to try out. One model turned out to be quite unstable, but the other two were popular with faculty. We’ve purchased two more of each model. The six new lecterns are located in the Learning Studio Classroom, Galileo McAlister, Galileo Edwards, Galileo Pryne, Beckman B134 and Jacobs B132. So try them out and let us know what you think. Send me an email with your feedback (Elizabeth_Hodas@hmc.edu). The lecterns are labeled “A” and “B” so that you can easily tell us which one you’re commenting on.

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