Portal upgrade I

Effective August 18, the HMC Campus Portal available at https://portal.hmc.edu will be upgraded from version 4.2 to version 6.4.

Portal 6.4 Home Page
Portal 6.4 Home Page

As you know, the Portal provides information about things like course schedules, class lists, advisees, grade entry (for faculty) and unofficial transcripts (for students). It is part of a suite of software applications that the Claremont Colleges all use.

Some of you will already have used this version of the portal when you visited https://portal64.hmc.edu, a URL which will continue to function. If you need to access the old portal after August 18, you should visit https://portal42.hmc.edu.

We believe that this new version of the Portal software will go some way toward resolving issues around performance and the user interface. We hope you will agree. Either way, we would like to hear what you think about the new software, so don’t hesitate to call, write or visit.

Thanks are due to Sonya Zhang for her hard work in getting the new software up and running, and to Registrar Noel Keller for advice.

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