Lenovo netbooks and Wacom tablets available for loan

Many years ago, if you wanted to buy a thin, light laptop, you’d probably have to spend more than $1000.  If your budget for a laptop was less than $1000, then you probably had to buy a big bulky laptop.

In late 2007, Asus, a large computer electronics manufacturer, released the eeePC, a very small laptop computer called a “netbook”.  It had a small screen, small keyboard, and small storage, but most importantly it was cheap – less than $400.  The eeePC changed the laptop market forever, and a whole new class of computers called netbooks emerged.  Their main use is for web surfing, email, and light usage.  They have small screens (7″ to 10″),  moderate memory (1GB to 2GB), moderate hard drives (160GB or so), and a low price ($200 – $450).

CIS has purchased a set of 5 Lenovo S10-3 netbooks for loan to the HMC community.  They have 10.1″ screens, Intel Atom processors, 160GB hard drives, and come with Windows 7.  Most notably, the keyboard is close to full size.

If you would like to borrow one for a few weeks, please contact the CIS Help Desk, and we’ll check one out to you or let you know when the next one is available.

We will also be purchasing several Wacom Bamboo Fun multi-touch tablet add-ons.  The Wacom tablets are not a full computer in itself, but rather a multi-touch pad that connects to any computer via USB.  You can then use a pen, or your fingers, to draw, navigate your screen, and input text.

There are many uses for a Wacom tablet.  For example, a Professor can connect a Wacom tablet to their computer, and use it to write equations or drawings which are then projected onto the screen.  The Professor can then save the drawings as a PDF to send out to the class later.  There are also numerous applications for CAD (computer aided design), photo editing, and research.

We will be placing several Wacom tablets in the Learning Studio for everyone to try out and use.

2 Replies to “Lenovo netbooks and Wacom tablets available for loan”

  1. Hi Tito,
    Thanks for writing! We definitely need a page with guidelines for our loaner program, and in fact, improving our loaner program is one of the projects we have for this year. We will likely want to get student feedback, so we may even contact you later on to get your feedback and input on the loaner program!

    To answer your questions:
    Q: Are there any costs to the student?
    A: Nope! All loans are completely free of charge!

    Q: When should we return the laptop (maximum days to loan a laptop)?
    A: We don’t have any upper limit on when a laptop should be returned because each situation is different. One student may need to borrow a laptop for a few days while another may need to borrow one for a few weeks. We try as much as possible to work with your schedule on when you need the laptop!

    Q: What if certain parts become subject to wear or damage?
    A: We understand that wear and accidental damage can occur. Unless the damage is intentional, we will not charge the loaner.

    I hope this answers your questions, and thanks again for writing.

  2. Hello,
    I recently borrowed a laptop and tried looking for a page with the definite guidelines for borrowing a laptop. Are there any costs to the student?, When should we return the laptop (maximum days to loan a laptop)?, what if certain parts become subject to wear or damage? etc… Is there anywhere I could find this information?

    Thank you,
    Vaclav (Tito) Barina
    HMC Class of 2015

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