CIS purchases MathType site license for Harvey Mudd

We’re happy to announce that with Professor David Money Harris’ recommendation and advice, CIS has purchased a site license of MathType for Harvey Mudd College.  As you may know, MathType is equation editing software that lets you create mathematical notation for many applications.  The “Equation Editor” commonly used in Microsoft Office is a simplified version of MathType.

If you have a Windows 7 tablet PC or a Wacom tablet, you can enter handwriting directly into MathType to recognize handwritten math.  MathType can also work with TeX or LaTeX editing.  Microsoft Office integration adds a toolbar or tab to access equation editing from within Office.

To see all features, please visit:

Harvey Mudd’s MathType site license:
– includes unlimited use on all computers within the control of HMC faculty, staff, and students, and includes home use
– includes both Mac and Windows versions
– does not require a connection to any license server
– does not expire or have to be renewed for this version (perpetual license)
To get MathType, please download it here on Charlie:


The CIS Help Desk is happy to help you install MathType or make CD media for you to install yourself.

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