Office 2010, 2011, and Mathematica 8 now available

CIS purchases and manages many software site licenses that make research and academic software available to faculty, staff, and students.

In the past few weeks, two major updates to software we have licenses for have been released- Microsoft Office and Mathematica.

Microsoft Office, which is available for faculty and staff, has been updated to version 2010 for Windows and 2011 for OS X.

Office 2010 for Windows is very similar to the previous version, 2007.  The interface for 2010 is more streamlined based on feedback Microsoft received for 2007.  If you know how to use 2007, I think you will be able to learn 2010 fairly quickly.

Office 2011 for OS X, however, is a major change from the previous version, 2008.  Microsoft has brought over the “ribbon” interface from the Windows version of Office to the Mac.  2011 also replaces Entourage with a full Outlook client.  If you are happy with version 2004 or 2008, I recommend staying with these versions.  If you’re unable to open .docx files, you can install a converter (available here: –  look for “OpenXML Converter”) to continue using Office 2004 or 2008 and be able to open the new Office file formats.

If you are a faculty or staff member, and would like to try Office 2010 for Windows or Office 2011 for OS X, we are happy to install it for you.  We’re also happy to provide CD media or put the installers on your flash drive for you to install yourself.

Wolfram has also released a significant update to Mathematica.  The latest version is now version 8, and includes many new features.  The most significant is the ability to enter free-form input in plain English to get results with no syntax required.  There’s also many new functions added.  For the full details of Mathematica 8, please visit:

Mathematica 8 is immediately available for faculty, staff, and students at:


As always, the CIS Help Desk is happy to help you install it or make media for you to install yourself.

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