Highlights of 2010

At our December CIS staff meeting, we broke into three groups and came up with the highlights of the year.  Each group was to contribute four highlights.   When we reported back, the list turned out to have nineteen items.  Either we can’t count, or we can’t follow instructions or we are just very enthusiastic about all the good things that happened this year.   Here’s the list we came up with:

  • The Learning Studio
  • Another successful Nelson Series
  • Two great new hires in User Services (Aasim Rizvi and Keith Lawton)
  • President Klawe’s kind words about Joseph at the Learning Studio Opening
  • Success with Footprints ticket system
  • A successful upgrade of Sakai to version 2.7
  • Development of system to create PDFs of student bills
  • iClickers
  • Alumni weekend
  • Printer/copier replacements finalized, introduction of card swipe technology
  • Claremont WPA wireless SSID now in production
  • Running ODE Architect in the cloud
  • R workshop by Jeho Park
  • Bite of Learning Series
  • Introduction of the DTA program
  • Cognos reporting for Department Chairs
  • Portal upgrade and online registration for classes
  • Colleges upgraded to 10Gb ethernet connections at the backbone
  • Successful transition to Time Warner backup connection when AT& T circuits were damaged by CalTrans crew

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