Pilot with LiveScribe pens

Last month the Teaching and Learning Committee sponsored a Talking Teaching session on lab notebooks. The session was very well attended with over 20 faculty from all of the departments present. One of the topics discussed was the pros and cons of electronic versus paper lab notebooks. Among the pros of electronic lab notebooks are that they can be more easily shared among several people, they can be easily backed up, and they are searchable. One of the disadvantages, however, is that bringing a laptop or tablet computer into a wet lab can be impractical. The LiveScribe pen was mentioned as an alternative to a laptop computer. The LiveScribe pen uses a tiny infrared camera and special paper to capture everything you write. The pen also captures audio which is automatically synchronized with your writing. Tap the pen on your notes and hear the recorded audio from that timepoint. A USB port on the pen allows you to upload your notes and audio to your computer. Your notes can be exported to PDF or shared via a “pencast” on the LiveScribe web site. Quite a few faculty were interested in exploring the LiveScribe pen. In response Educational Technology and Media Services will be sponsoring a small pilot with four faculty during the spring semester. Faculty will be testing the LiveScribe pen with the view of deploying them in a classroom or research lab setting. For more information please contact Elizabeth_Hodas@hmc.edu.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the LiveScrive pens. I am always on the look out for enabling technologies that can streamline operations and these pens seem to have some interesting educational and business applications. Good luck with your trial this spring and look forward to an update should you be kind enough to provide one.

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