New Wireless Network

Good news about the HMC wireless networking infrastructure!

During the summer, the Claremont Colleges reached agreement on how to move forward with the next generation of wireless networking, which will eventually replace the CINE wireless network.  As a result of that agreement, HMC invested in new wireless access points and switching equipment, which we have started to deploy across the HMC campus.

The new wireless network uses 802.11n technology (more secure, faster!) and does not require the registration of MAC addresses.  Wireless users will have a similar experience no matter which College they happen to be visiting.

Our deployment plan is as follows.  We started with the areas that had the least coverage and we will be placing up to twelve access points in some buildings.

Even though we will be putting the access points in place during the Fall, don’t expect to be able to use the new network in production until Spring semester.

Hoch-Shanahan: August 08
West Dorm:  August 08
East Dorm: August 08
North Dorm: August 08
Atwood: September 08
Linde: September 08
South:  September 08
Sontag:  September 08
Case:  October 08
Linde Activities Center:  October 08
Platt:  October 08
Kingston:  October 08
Garrett House: October 08
Thomas-Garrett: October 08
Sprague Library: October 08
Olin/Beckman: November 08
Parsons: November 08
Jacobs/Keck: December 08/January 09
Galileo:  December 08/January 09

If you have questions about any aspect of the plan, please don’t hesitate to contact the CIS Help Desk at (909) 607 7777

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