Staff Computer Upgrade Program

Computers advance at an astonishing rate.  Processing speeds increase, hard drives get larger, graphics get more detailed, and monitors get larger and larger.  Moore’s Law (’s_law) states that the number of transistors on a circuit has doubled every two years.  This means that we can also expect the computing speed of computers to approximately double every two years!

To make sure that Harvey Mudd staff are on the leading edge of technology, CIS will be launching a staff computer upgrade program.  This program seeks to replace computers every 4 years and support them for 5.  Each year, each department gets an allocation of new computers.  We will keep an up-to-date inventory of all computers and note which computers are over 5 years old.  The department head can then choose which computers to replace or shift to other locations.

As this program is one of many sources of new computers for Harvey Mudd, departments may also choose to supplement their allocation or buy additional peripherals from their own funds.

Here’s a quick overview of the type of the high-end technology we’re offering in the staff upgrade program this year::
– For desktops: quad-core processors (Intel Core i7), 4GB memory, widescreen IPS monitors
– For laptops: super fast solid state hard drives, 4GB memory, dual-core Intel Core i5 processors

If you would like more details, please feel free to contact me, Calvin Tong at, x71073, or at Parsons B142A.  I also welcome and like to discuss any suggestions for technology that you think should be included in the program.

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