Microsoft Home Use Program – Office for your personal or family computer for $10

CIS licenses Microsoft Windows and Office software through the Volume Licensing and Software Assurance programs.  These programs allow us to install Windows and Office on any college-owned computers and also in virtual operating systems (for example, in Parallels on OS X).  We also get Microsoft software well ahead of the consumer release dates.  For example, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is slated to be released to consumers on October 28.  We, however, already have Office 2011 for Mac in hand!  (if you have a Mac and would like to run Office 2011 for Mac, please contact us!  We’re happy to install it for you!)

But what if you wanted to use Microsoft Office at home, on your personal or family computer, for personal use?  If you went out to the store to buy a copy of Microsoft Office, you’d probably have to pay over $300 for the Professional version of Office that we have at work.

Part of our Microsoft Software Assurance license includes what is called the Home Use Program.
Essentially, it allows any Harvey Mudd employee to buy a downloadable copy of Microsoft Office for home personal usage for $9.95.  There are both Windows and Mac versions of Office available, and they are the latest and most full-featured versions (Office 2010 Professional Plus for Windows and  Office 2008 for Mac).  They are the exact same software you would get if you bought it in a store and not crippled or changed in any way.  $9.95 gets you the download version (which you can burn to a CD or DVD if you like).  If you would like original DVD media from Microsoft, it’s an additional $13.  However, we recommend saving the additional $13 and just burning the download version to a DVD! (we can help you with this if necessary!)

The Microsoft Home Use Program can be found here:

To purchase Office through this program, you will need to use your Harvey Mudd email address, and a special program code.  The program code is a special password to be able to buy Office for $9.95, so we cannot post it here (since lots of non-HMC people would probably love to get in on this deal!).  If you contact the CIS Help Desk (, x77777, Parsons B142A), we’d be happy to give you the password and lead you through the purchase if you like.

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  1. I purchased the Office 2010 Professional for Windows about a year or so ago but I have misplaced my receipt for the purchase. Recently, the Computer and Information Systems Department at Harvey Mudd College did some repairs to my home computer (nasty viruses!) and had to wipe the hard drive. They can now re-install my data but need the receipt code for the Office 2010 suite.

    Do you all have a record of that purchase and can you forward me the receipt code so I can re-install this software on my computer? I can be reached at or at (909) 524-6287.

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Gary Kelly

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