Computing Committee for 2010-11 Convened

In May, the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) appointed the Computing Committee for 2010-11:

Rachel Mayeri (11),
Eliot Bush (12),
Alfonso Castro (13),
Vatche Sahakian (13)
As CIO, I serve ex officio, as does a student member nominated by ASHMC.  This year, the student is Nick Card.
At our first meetings in the Fall semester we selected a chair, Eliot Bush, discussed the timing of meetings and laid out a schedule of topics.  We also had a fascinating and free-wheeling discussion of iTunesU, HMC on YouTube ( and screencasts of problem solutions.
The topics for the rest of the semester are as follows:
Oct 6: Meet with CalvinTong. Start Email-Calendaring discussion

Oct 20: Email and Calendaring

Nov 3: Meet with Susan Selhorst.  Discussion of IT governance

Nov 17: Discussion of IT governance;  Student and faculty personal computer backups.

Dec 1: Teaching and technology

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