Course and Dorm Mudd Shots

Every semester CIS creates and maintains two web sites for the benefit of the HMC community. The Course Mudd Shots web site contains web pages for each course taught at HMC. On each course page are photos of all of the students registered for the class. While student photos are also available in the Jenzabar faculty web portal, the photos in Mudd Shots are larger and easier to print. Many faculty print out their Course Mudd Shots pages and create flash cards so that they can recognize the students in their classes by name on the first day of classes!

The Dorm Mudd Shots pages are similar in concept, except they are organized by dorm floors so that students can get to know the names and faces of students in their dorm.

The Course Mudd Shots pages are located at Dorm Mudd Shots are located at These pages are restricted by IP address so you must either be on the HMC campus or using the VPN in order to view them.

Course MuddShots were updated for the Fall 2008 semester on August 12th.

They include frosh photos with the following caveats:

– Not all frosh sent in photos

– Not all course assignments have been made

– Course assignments may change depending on placement exams

We will be running updates every night or so. Frosh photos have also been uploaded to the Jenzabar faculty web portal as well. In addition we are planning on eventually uploading them to Sakai so that they will be available in the Roster tool. We’ll keep you posted on our progress with that project.

Dorm Mudd Shots have not yet been updated for Fall 2008, but should be available shortly.

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