Construction of Learning Studio Begins

Construction on the Learning Studio on the ground floor of Sprague has begun and is proceeding rapidly. Among the steps taken so far:

  • Removal of the old carpet

    Construction of new walls for the storage room.

    4/19/10: Construction of new walls for the storage room

  • Coring of the concrete floor for power and data
  • Demolition of walls in the northwest corner of the building
  • Construction of new walls for the storage room
  • Construction of the framework for the installation of the Nanawall

The new Learning Studio has been designed to support and facilitate a number of different ways of working and studying. In addition to a new classroom space with flexible furniture and laptops, there will be a large area for individual and group work with desktop computers and lounge seating as well as a group work area similar to the work spaces in the Platt Living Room. The new carpet will reflect the different types of work areas. A dark solid carpet will be used for high traffic walkways. Two different carpets with similar color schemes but different patterns will distinguish between the quieter group and classroom areas and the busier lounge and individual work areas.

The concrete floor was cored along the perimeter of the outside walls as well as in several locations in the middle of each work space. We wanted to be sure to provide power and data to laptop users wherever they decide to sit. The whole Learning Studio will be blanketed with wireless networking as well.

Framework for the Nanowall

4/19/10: Framework for the Nanowall

Some walls were taken down in the northwest corner of the building in order to make more space for the classroom area. New walls are going up in order to create a large storage room to store laptop carts and any furniture that’s not being used in the classroom. Work has also begun on creating the framework for the installation of the Nanawall, the folding glass wall that will be used to enclose the classroom. The Nanawall can be folded back when there are no classes in session.

We’re very excited to finally see our ideas and plans taking shape. Check back here often for more photos of construction progress.

Update: More photos of the constructions:

5/6/10: Refinishing the wood paneling

Laying the new carpet.

5/11/10: Laying the new carpet.

Building one of the doors to the classroom

5/11/10: Building one of the doors to the classroom.

5/13/10: New carpet

5/13/10: New carpet

5/13/10: No more book drop!

5/13/10: No more book drop!

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    Sitting in the Learning Studio on a quiet Thursday morning. Nanawall is up. Imacs are in place. Bliss…

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