HMC launches Facebook Application

In late April, CIS, the office of Admission and the Dean of Students office collaborated to launch the first Harvey Mudd College application on Facebook.  Within a day of the launch, 187 admitted students had logged in to the application, which resides on the Facebook platform but keeps its data separate from Facebook data.

In the application, admitted students can connect with other students that share similar interests, converse with a group of current student “ambassadors”, ask and answer questions and become more familiar with HMC.

HMC Facebook AppThe HMC application uses a product called Schools on Facebook, which is produced by a startup named Inigral.   We are one of a group of ten colleges that form the product advisory board for Inigral.  The key idea is to add online social networking features to College related activities and to do it using technology with which people are familiar, rather than on a separate application.

Future phases of our work with this product will introduce it to current students, faculty and staff and, eventually, alumni.

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