CIS goals 2017-2018

Every summer, the President’s Cabinet discusses goals for the coming year, as well as reviewing progress toward goals identified in the prior year.    Each member of Cabinet presents goals for his or her area.  In summer 2017, I presented the following list of goals for CIS in 2017-2018.  We’ll release updates on these goals during the academic year.

Infrastructure and security

  1. We will complete the hand off of networking services to the TCC IT group.
  2. We will revisit ITIF plans to ensure that they are aligned with construction planning and with fiscal reality.
  3. We will develop a cloud first approach to systems
    1. Outline elements of success for new cloud systems specialist role.
    2. Move charlie and alice content to cloud.
    3. Streamline SaaS assessment steps with college departments.
    4. Develop an agile approach to managing cloud costs.
  4. We will deploy Duo two factor authentication.
  5. We will ensure that people who are handling sensitive data receive appropriate training.
  6. We will do what we can to push the Claremont IAM initiative forward.
  7. We will Improve security measures to support new NIST related policies as they are developed during the year.


Governance (IT decision making)

  1. Work with ITSC to develop an agile approach to Workday governance.
  2. Support the IACC engagement with DH and CTL initiatives.
  3. Work with the HMC Computing Committee to develop an annual survey on IT effectiveness.



  1. Formally launch a college wide Linux support team.
  2. Continue to streamline intake, development and transition to production of educational technology projects.
  3. Launch an initiative to encourage a reduction in the amount of printing the departments do.


IT Services

  1. Develop and implement plans for day to day support of College’s efforts to increase accessibility.
  2. Complete service initiatives with OCA and Math.  Initiate two more service initiatives.
  3. Continue to drive toward highly consistent, reliable and technically deep user support
  4. Based on the outcome of SIS deliberations, begin orienting toward that change by documenting business processes and data flow.
  5. Work to ensure a successful deployment of Workday HCM.
  6. Deploy improvements to email and list services.


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