Autodesk and HMC

With the wide range of educational pursuits available on Harvey Mudd’s campus, there is no shortage of potential software needs. Luckily, Autodesk has provided us with the resources to utilize software titles for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and media industries. Best known for AutoCAD, which encompasses a range of titles for design, engineering, and entertainment, Autodesk makes educational versions of software available at no cost to qualified students and faculty in their Autodesk community.

In addition to making software free, Autodesk sponsored a Harvey Mudd clinic a few years ago. The clinic team focused on the issue of world water issues; specifically, recontamination and the fact that if water is not used directly after being purified, it still has a high chance of becoming recontaminated. Autodesk helped connect Harvey Mudd students to resources around the world to address the issues many face, and allowed them to do so utilizing numerous titles including SketchBook Pro and Fusion 360. With their cloud-based solutions, they could design and interact with people around the world through a single shared project. They were able to manufacture a prototype and submit it to their collaborators for further testing. This is only one of the many projects Autodesk software has been an asset in. You can learn more about the project through this video.

Harvey Mudd has primarily used software provided through Autodesk to support Engineering clinics through designing and building prototypes. However, the list of titles available through Autodesk is extensive, and we are excited to offer you the ability to explore other opportunities. Students and faculty are eligible for free Autodesk software and we strongly encourage you to explore the tools and resources made available through their website.

If you’d like more information regarding Autodesk, you can find it by visiting the Autodesk Education Community Home Page.

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