Amazon Educate

Amazon recently announced a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate program.  It is designed to let you learn to use AWS services by giving you free credits to get started as well as access to a large variety of courses and tutorials about cloud computing “shared by top educators from around the world and by AWS”.  If an institution joins the program, then students and faculty get almost three times the credits they would otherwise be granted.   HMC has joined!

If you ever wanted to get your feet wet setting up a Windows or Linux server,  delve into things like Hadoop or build web applications, this is a great opportunity to get started.

To sign up:

  1. sign up for AWS Educate at using your address.
  2. While filling out the AWS Educate application,  input your own AWS account ID. If you do not have an AWS account, navigate to, click Create an AWS Account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. You will receive an AWS credit code in a Welcome Email after your AWS Educate application has been accepted. The code should be entered into your AWS account.
  4. You manage your own account, and can take it all with you if you leave HMC.

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