New faces and new groups at CIS

Starting early in the summer,we began to make changes at CIS and, by end of summer, we had a new organizational chart and several new faces, as well as saying goodbye to some people:

  • Susan Selhorst retired.
  • Beverly Kelley retired.
  • We hired a new Instructional Designer, Elly Schofield ’13
  • We hired Brian Reid into a regular position as Technical Analyst
  • We hired Tony Xu as a Technical Analyst.¬† Tony also has expertise in AV systems.¬† He comes to us from Broadcom and started on September 28.
  • Michael Meyka started a new project on October 1 as a Video and Media Archivist; Michael will no longer be working on day to day AV operations.
  • Yi Sheng (Aaron) Ong ’19 has joined us in a part time position.
  • Patricia Carpenter will join us in a temporary technical analyst position.

As well as all making all these personnel changes, we reorganized, reducing the number of supervisors in CIS:

  • Cindy Abercrombie, Assistance Vice President and Deputy CIO will oversee three areas, CIS Administrative Services, User Support Services and Student Information Systems.
  • Elizabeth Hodas, Senior Director, Educational Technology Services, will concentrate exclusively on supporting students and faculty in teaching and learning. ¬†Elizabeth leads a team that includes expertise in scientific computing, instructional design and audiovisual media.
  • Mitch Shacklett, Senior Director, Systems and Network Services, focuses on the management of our cloud services, in-house servers and the HMC and CINE networks.

For the full organization chart and a list of all the CIS Staff see



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