Grid computing with gridMathematica

From Jeho Park:

Are you a Mathematica user wishing for more computing power for your long-running number crunching jobs? Then this may be good news for you. In our continuing efforts to deliver cutting-edge computing technologies and innovations to you, CIS has installed gridMathematica server engineson the CIS lab computers. The lab computers will provide you with more parallel computation kernels that can be launched on demand to help your Mathematica computations using parallel computing tools in Mathematica 7.

Currently gridMathematica servers are iMac computers featuring 2.7 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors in the CIS Parsons lab. Due to security concerns, your computer needs to be on the wired or wireless HMC network to get connections to those servers. When you are not on campus, you may be able to use the gridMathematica kernels via VPN. But we don’t recommend VPN for critical computations as network communications may be delayed by unexpected circumstances. To use the new feature, Lightweight Grid Manager must be enabled within your local Mathematica 7. Once your computer is connected to the school network, please follow our step-by-step instructions on Sakai ( to enable the Lightweight Grid Manager.

Here’s some general information directly from Wolfram: General information about gridMathematica: Q&A on gridMathematica: Parallel computing with Mathematica. Parallel Tools Tutorials: We will present a demo of gridMathematica use in a session of A Bite of Learning in April. You are welcome to try the new feature and come to the presentation for more discussion. If you have any questions about gridMathematica and parallel computing tools in Mathematica 7, please feel free to contact Jeho Park. Thank you!

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