New Matlab license for HMC

Dr. Jeho Park, CIS’ Scientific Computing Specialist, found from faculty interviews that more faculty use Matlab than any other scientific computing software on campus.  In fact, more than half of the faculty surveyed said that they use Matlab for research or instruction.  Students also use Matlab for research, homework, projects, and Clinic.  In other words, Matlab is very important to HMC.

Our previous license of Matlab was called the “Network Concurrent” license.  Essentially, this meant that in order to use Matlab, you had to maintain a live network connection to CIS’ Matlab license servers.  As you can probably imagine, this was very inconvenient.  For example, faculty and students traveling on a plane were unable to use the travel time to work on their research or instruction.  Faculty and students performing research in remote areas could collect data, but were unable to launch Matlab to process the data.

After several discussions with the Department Chairs combined with additional funding from CIS and the Dean of Faculty’s Office, a new Matlab license was agreed upon.

Effective January 1, 2010, the new Matlab Total Academic Headcount is available to all HMC faculty, staff, and students.  The main benefits of the new license are:

– no Internet access required to use Matlab
– users can download Matlab software and toolboxes directly from Mathworks
– users can access pre-release software
– users no longer have to wait for CIS to post the software before they can get it
– faculty and students both have access to the same set of toolboxes

Calvin recently gave a presentation on the new Matlab license during A Bite of Learning.

To view the PowerPoint presentation, please click here: Matlab TAH PowerPoint Presentation

To view the installation guide, please click here: Matlab TAH Installation Guide

If you have any questions about Matlab, the CIS Help Desk would be glad to help!

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