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Hello everyone! I am Veronica Hart, your friendly local database reporting and workflow developer here in Computing and Information Services. I wanted to spread the word about an exciting tool we have available that might help make your job easier!

Most staff at the college rely on specific information to execute their work, and Cognos can deliver the relevant data needed, formatted and sorted in whatever way is most useful to you. Scheduled reports can arrive through email without you ever having to log on to the software. A common example of this is a report listing the current students at HMC with their emails, which is delivered to a variety of people at regular intervals.

So what is Cognos? IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence is a web-based toolset primarily used for reporting data from our student information system (CX), but can also be integrated with other databases and spreadsheets. Several components are available to meet the different information needs of HMC, ranging from running pre-made reports with a single click to authoring complex and dynamic reports.

Whether or not your department is already using Cognos, if you are interested in learning more about how Cognos might better meet the information and reporting needs of your office, please don’t hesitate in contacting CIS so that we can discuss possible solutions. Having training and access to reporting software can minimize the time you spend waiting for information from others, as well as grant the ability to manipulate and massage the information into a format that efficiently and consistently delivers pertinent data on demand. Whether you need a report sent to you once a year, you want to learn to write your own reports whenever you need them, or anywhere in between, we have resources available to help.

For more information or any questions you might have contact me at x74369, or to get started using Cognos right away, send an email to

Hope you have a great upcoming semester,
Veronica Hart

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