Update for Student Printing

CIS remains committed to resolving printing issues for students, and increasing the overall availability of printing services. The PaperCut software implemented in the fall now has more than 1000 users. The User Support Group (USG) continues to collect student feedback for the system, and uses this feedback to communicate with the vendor regarding potential product enhancements.  As a result PaperCut 13.0 adds the ability for administrators to reprint previously printed jobs in case of errors.  PaperCut is working on expanding the feature to all users, but there is no target release date yet.

You may recall that USG developed a process to proactively monitor student printers remotely throughout the day from the HelpDesk, in addition to performing routine physical inspections of the printers. Recently, with the willingness and availability of a couple of very helpful students CIS is able to continue providing monitoring of print queues and clearing stuck jobs from Friday evening through Sunday evening.

Finally, after much effort and communications with Sharp and the printer repair vendor regarding printer drivers and handling of various Internet based file types, USG has arranged to have a new HP multi-function printer for testing and demonstration delivered to Sprague.  In the meantime, CIS is researching options to reuse the Sharps (Clifford and Toto) in an environment without print queues or universal print drivers, much like the print environment found in administrative areas.

Please keep the positive results of PaperCut in mind while CIS works through these final printer issues.  To date, the total pages printed via the system is 404,936.  The environmental impact information provided from the PaperCut dashboard displays savings of 3.91 trees, 1,417.1 kg of CO2, and 89,222.2 hours running a 60W bulb.
For any questions or comments regarding printing services or PaperCut, please send a support request via our request form or email to helpdesk@hmc.edu or call (909) 607 7777.

To view User Support Group Tweets regarding systems events please visit Help Desk Quick Links


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