CIS Holiday Closure Arrangements

During the winter campus closure, from Saturday December 22 through Tuesday, January 1, CIS services will be reduced (we reopen on Wednesday January 2nd). The Help Desk and all other areas of CIS will be closed throughout the holiday and, for the most part, CIS staff will not be working. However, the servers and other machines in our data center and switch rooms around campus do not take a break.

During the closure:

1) We will be monitoring the systems located in the data center and a few staff will be on call to deal with server or network infrastructure problems.

2) In the unlikely event that we see problems with one of our services, we have plans in place to bring CIS staff back to work to deal with them. Priority will be given to core services:

  • E-mail (Google Apps, MS Office365)Mt Baldy
  • VPN
  • File Storage (Charlie, Alice)
  • Authentication systems
  • Sakai
  • CX and JICs Portal
  • Cognos
  • College Website
  • OnBase (online RFC)
  • Network (wired and wireless)
  • OCA scripts on

3) Issues with other servers will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the severity of the issue, they may have to wait until the next business day, Wednesday January 2.

4) Should an issue related to CIS servers or the campus network arise during the holidays, we will in all likelihood be notified by one of our monitoring systems. If we are aware of a problem, we will post a status notification on the Help Desk voicemail (909 607 7777) as well as on the Help Desk Twitter Feed at If you notice a problem that you think is related to a server, please check either one of those first. If the problem persists; you believe it is server or network related, and we appear not to know about it, please call campus safety at 909-607-2000* *(x72000 from on campus). Campus Safety operators have the ability to contact CIS staff directly at any time.

5) To save power, all workstations in the labs will be turned off.

The staff at CIS wish you and your families a Happy Holiday break!

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