PaperCut & Student Printing

Over the summer CIS started a new project aimed at reducing printing waste on student printers, while increasing the overall availability of student print services.

To reduce waste, PaperCut software was implemented, and initially communicated and configured for new students only.  However, word of a “new printing system” spread quickly, and after a few weeks more than 300 students were using the system.  Today, there are more than 685 active users of the PaperCut tool.   New users will visit the Help Desk Quick Links to get themselves setup.

Increasing the overall availability of printing services, required that the User Support Group (USG) develop new processes to proactively monitor the student printers remotely from the HelpDesk, in addition to conducting physical inspection of printers at the start of each day. Recently, USG received feedback from students regarding the need to continue printer availability and support through the weekends, and in response CIS is trying-out additional remote monitoring and considering educating students on how to clear problem jobs as possible options to meet this need.

It is important to share that USG is currently working with a vendor to resolve a common issue that requires clearing of problem print jobs. This known issue is specific to certain types of Internet based files that cause the Sharp printers (but not HPs) to continuously render,  holding up all print jobs released to the printer.  The vendor visited this week to collect data for review by Sharp technical support, during the visit USG was able to demonstrate the problem consistently with the Sharps,  while printing the same file successfully on the HPs.

While the new printing system and printers have some open items to work through, the results so far have been positive.  To date, the total pages printed via the system is 107,791.  The environmental impact information provided from the PaperCut dashboard displays savings of 1.05 trees, 379.8 kg of CO2, and 23,915.3 hours running a 60W bulb.

For any questions or comments regarding printing services or PaperCut, please send a support request via our request form or email to or call (909) 607 7777.



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