Pilot Programs in Educational Technology and Media Services

EdTechMed is conducting two pilot programs this spring. At the beginning of the spring semester we purchased a new set of 200 iClickers and 4 rolling cases. Clickers, also known as Personal Response Systems, have been used in the classroom by several faculty to assess student understanding of the topics being discussed, to gauge the pace of a course, and to encourage student participation and attendance. Our previous set of clickers had become quite old and unreliable. The new iClickers are extremely simple to use and to transport to class. They rely on radio frequency technology, no longer requiring line-of-sight to register votes and can be used with both Macs and PCs. Another advantage of the new clickers is that they can be used with any software, from Power Point and Keynote to Mathematica and Maple. The pilot program comprises Kerry Karukstis, Nancy Lape and David Harris. Prof. Karukstis is using them in both of her sections of Chemistry 26: General Chemistry Laboratory. Prof. Lape is using them in Engineering 82: Chemical and Thermal Processes and Prof. Harris is using them in Engineering 158: Introduction to CMOS VLSI Design. We have one set of iClickers available so if you are interested in trying them out in your class please contact me at Elizabeth_Hodas@hmc.edu

Our second pilot program involves two faculty who are experimenting with assigning student video projects as part of their course syllabus. The two faculty members participating in this pilot are Prof. Erika Dyson and Prof. Peter Saeta. CIS has purchased a number of small digital videocameras to support the program. Students will be able to check out the digital videocameras from the CIS Help Desk in order to film their video projects. This pilot came about after a presentation by our Apple representatives in which they presented samples of student-generated videos that have been uploaded to iTunes U.

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