Email and Calendar Migration Project Update

Migration of administrative staff email and calendars to MS Office365 is moving along. The Computing and Information Services department and the Office of the President have been migrated to the new service, with the College Advancement department completing this week.
The target for completion of all HMC staff email migrations is first week of June.

Updated pricing plans for MS Office365 for education were posted last month. The highlight of these changes for our campus is the Academic Plan A2 being offered for free to students, faculty and staff. More details can be found at Learn About Office365.

Migrations of faculty email accounts from Zimbra mailbox-01, Odin, and Thuban mail systems continue. These migrations continue to be completed via one-on-one, in-person support from the User Support Group. Our current count is (61) faculty members migrated in the past six months. In April, May, and early June, the project team will focus on the Engineering and Chemistry departments, as other academic departments are more than 80% complete.
The target for mailbox-01 shutdown of email service for faculty is first week of June.

Investigation of calendaring functions available within and between Google Apps and Office365 continues. During the calendar migration process, the project team learned that recurring events would need to be recreated.

Ongoing development and socialization of project documentation, which includes new information for Office365 available on HMC email.

Tracking of function or feature inquiries related to email, calendar and other compatible collaboration applications continues. These inquiries should be emailed to for tracking and communications via a ticket with the project team.
The project team continues to post updates to the google site tracking our activities, Google Apps for HMC

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