“new iPad” available for loan

For a while now, rumors had been floating around about the third generation iPad.  Some sites claimed to have received a leaked screen with resolutions of 2048 by 1536.  There were also other sites with photos claiming to be of the new processor in the iPad.  The biggest mystery, though, was what it would be called.

On March 7, 2012, Apple announced their third generation iPad, and we found out that it would simply be called “iPad”, or the “new iPad” as Apple said in their announcement.
The biggest question that everyone has is, what is different in the new iPad from the iPad 2, or original iPad?
Wikipedia has a great chart (at this location), but essentially, the new iPad has these features:

– a very high resolution screen.  Even higher than your HDTV.  So high that your eyes can’t tell the pixels apart, and reading webpages on it look like reading a magazine.
– a slightly faster processor
much faster graphics (quad core graphics)
– a much better outside camera at 5 mp, but the inside camera is still the same as before
slightly thicker and slightly heavier
– same price

CIS has two of the new iPads available for short term loans (no more than 2 weeks at a time).  They are the 16GB WiFi versions.  A short term loan is probably best suited for those on the fence whether to get one or to see if it suits your needs.  If you would like to borrow one for a short term loan, please let the Help Desk know!

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