Call for Proposals for 2012 Teaching With Technology Innovation Grants

Short version:

CIS in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty’s Office will be running the third term of a pilot program, Teaching with Technology Innovation Grants, this summer. The grant program’s goal is to support faculty in the incorporation of technology in their teaching. Faculty whose projects are selected for a grant will receive support from CIS in the form of staff time and/or a stipend depending on the needs of the project. Reply to Elizabeth Hodas for more info or read through the following call for proposals.

Formal and long version:

Summer 2012 Teaching with Technology Innovation Grant Call for Proposals
0. Important Dates

March 30, 2012 — Proposal Submission Deadline
April 13, 2012  — Awardees Announcement
May 18, 2012 — Begin meeting with CIS staff
August 15, 2012 — Final meeting with CIS

1. Overview

During Summer 2012, CIS will be conducting a faculty technology grant pilot, the “Teaching with Technology Innovation Grant.” We invite proposals from faculty for projects that aim to improve student learning outcomes by exploiting new and innovative technology in education. The grant program provides support for utilizing emerging technology as well as access to CIS staff time and training.

During the 2012 pilot period, two to three projects will be supported. Priority consideration will be given to applications that:

  • have high impact on student learning;
  • engage in innovation of teaching and research through the use of technology;
  • have applicability of its use by other faculty members;
  • are feasible to be completed and implemented during the proposed time line;
  • are not already available elsewhere on campus;
  • could not be purchased with other funds such as grant money or departmental funds.

The pilot program is being run in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty’s Office.

2. Eligibility

All faculty at Harvey Mudd College are eligible to apply.

3. Awards

Each selected project will be awarded a stipend and/or software and hardware as needed; the amount of the stipend will be determined by the requirements of the proposal. Faculty will work closely with CIS staff to complete the project.

4. Expectations

Upon completion of the projects or at the end of the project term, faculty may be asked to do a presentation about their project at A Bite of Learning or other venue, or write a brief report on the project goals, achievements and their experiences to be shared with HMC faculty, students and staff. CIS may also ask faculty to survey the students in their courses about how the project affected their learning experience.

5. Application Procedure

All proposals must be submitted to CIS by March 30, 2012. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the selection committee in early April.  Grant awardees will be announced by email and on the CIS website by April 13, 2012. The selection committee includes members from CIS and the Dean of Faculty’s Office.

Faculty should submit a brief description of their project including as much of the following information as possible: project’s goal and significance; required staff resources, equipment and material; timeline for project completion; your availability during the summer for work with CIS staff on the project; estimated budget (estimate costs of hardware, software and person-hours). Faculty should feel free to consult with CIS if they have any questions.

Proposals should be emailed to or

6. Selected Projects

Summer 2011

Lecture Capture System in the Learning Studio Classroom by Prof. Mike Erlinger (CS): Prof. Mike Erlinger approached the ETMS group with a proposal to build a lecture capture system in the Learning Studio Classroom. Prof. Erlinger was interested in an automated lecture capture system that would make it easier to videotape student presentations for students to review. Our audiovisual staff had manually videotaped classes for Prof. Erlinger in Spring 2011, but this required a great deal of staff time to accomplish. Prof. Erlinger worked with Michael Meyka and James Sadler to write a proposal that used off-the-shelf components to create a more automated system.
Website Development for Social Rules Project by Prof. Paul Steinberg (HSA): Prof. Paul Steinberg proposed a project to launch a social media website featuring educational materials developed by his students in the Social Rules Project. The project is a Harvey Mudd initiative designed to raise public awareness about the importance of public policies and other authoritative social rules in the transition to a more sustainable world. During Summer 2011, Prof. Steinberg, Communications Department, and CIS worked collaboratively to plan the website and, with funding from the grant program, a talented student web technologist has been working on building the website.

Summer 2010

ODE Architect Software Package Incompatibility Solutions by Prof. Bob Borrelli (Math): In his proposal, Prof. Borrelli addressed compatibility issues with ODE Architect (ODEA) package and Windows 7 operating systems. The ODEA is a 12-year old legacy software package still being used by some Differential Equations courses at the Claremont Colleges. Through this project, CIS reviewed the issue thoroughly and proposed a viable alternative, virtualization with cloud computing, using a free cloud computing service called The solution is being used by math faculty and students in Math 45 this semester. For more info, visit
Web-based Multimedia Quiz Tools by Prof. Bill Alves (HSA): Prof. Bill Alves was looking for a robust web-based quiz tool for his music courses. The requirements for the quiz tool were that it should 1) provide feedback for every answer chosen, 2) allow multiple attempts, 3) allow embedding mp3 files, video clips, and YouTube clips, and 4) be platform independent. CIS searched for available quiz tools out on the Internet, and made suggestions. Through testing and discussions, service was chosen. It is being used by two Music courses, Film Music (MUS179) and Music of the Peoples of the World (Mus063), this semester.
Hand-Press Printing How-to Video Making by Prof. Jeff Groves (HSA): Prof. Jeff Groves wanted to create a series of hand-press printing videos to help his students understand complex procedures of creating hand-press printing and (more importantly) cleaning the press after use. During 2010 summer, CIS A/V team supported his creating storyboard, filming footages, and editing/encoding/compressing the clips. The video clips are currently being used for his course, Workshop in Hand Press Printing (ART 060), this semester.

7. Contact Info

Elizabeth Hodas:, x74583
Jeho Park:, x 79023

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