Portal upgrade II

The faculty and student portal will be upgraded to version 6.4 on Monday August 18.  Here are some more details about it.

The portal is run on an application called Jenzabar internet campus solution (JICS), which in turn is part of a suite of Jenzabar applications that the Claremont Colleges selected some years ago.
Contents in the new portal (information provided by Sonya Zhang):

Faculty Portlets:
Faculty Course Control – Faculty Course Schedule, Course Details, Class List, Grade Entry.
Advisee Roster – Search for advisees, view their academic history or send email.
Course Schedules – Search for Claremont colleges courses.

Student Portlets:
Student Schedule – Student Course Schedule.
Grade Report – View grades by semester.
Unofficial Transcript – View and print unofficial Transcript.
Degree Audit – View roadmap towards the completion of your degree.
GPA Projection – Calculate projected GPA.
Course Schedules – Search courses offering at the Claremont Colleges.
Claremont Course Schedule – Another way of searching courses offering at the Claremont Colleges.
Student Account Info – View and pay student account balance online.
Residence Information – View your campus address.
Financial Aid Awards – View financial aid application status, documents, awards, and messages.
Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network – Contact alumni who are willing to assist you with your career planning and job/internship searches.

Interface of the new portal:

The interface of the new portal is tab-oriented. Each tab contains one or more portlets. Each portlet is set to be the minimized screen by default. This will offer you only the options you are most likely to be interested in. You can click the title of the portlet to view the maximized screen, which usually offers more user options. For example, in student schedule portlet, a student user can select different academic terms in max screen. On the top right corner of each portlet there is a wrench icon which provides customization options, depending on the portlets. For example, in advisee roster portlet, a faculty user can define preferred search criteria to be “active advisees”.

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