Working with Professor Kerry Karukstis on Prof S.O.S.

You may have heard or read the news about Professor Kerry Karukstis’ faculty-assistance program called Prof S.O.S., where S.O.S. stands for “student-offered support”.  Essentially, HMC faculty are given an easy way to get student assistance for an occasional or short-term project or task.  You can read more about Prof S.O.S. at:

Faculty fill out a form on a webpage, and the data from that form gets sent to a tracking system that students monitor.  Students choose a task they want to work on and provide updates on their work through the tracking system.

CIS was very happy to help Professor Karukstis with this project, and we enjoyed working with the student coordinators.  We combined several cloud-based solutions for the submission and tracking of tasks.  The software we used included FormStack (cloud-based form software), Google Apps (cloud-based email), and FootPrints (ticket tracking system hosted by Pomona College).

Here’s a quick summary of the technical background:
The form to collect Prof SOS data is hosted on FormStack.  When the form is submitted, the data is scraped together and emailed into a Google Apps account on our domain.  The FootPrints tracking system then pulls email from that Google Apps account and puts them into the ticket system queue.  Students work on the tasks in the FootPrints ticket system and provide updates through the ticket system.  The ticket system will automatically send out emails to the faculty member with each student update.  FootPrints provides Kerry and the student coordinators a broad view of all the tasks that are in or have gone through the system.

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