Digital Signage

Over the past several months, a cross-functional Digital Signage project team comprised of members from Dining Services, F&M and CIS met regularly to coordinate efforts for the deployment of digital signs in Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons. The signs are intended to improve usability of the space through technology. As a result of this wonderful teamwork, six beautiful digital signs have been installed; two in the serving area, two at the edges of the dining area, and two near the entrance of the meeting rooms. The signs have been deployed with FourWinds software, an application procured and provided via CUC, which is also used at the Honnold/Mudd Library, some of the other Claremont Colleges, and the new CUC ACC building. Our HMC digital sign deployments have been configured to present instant updates of dining menu information and meeting room schedules via EMS.

The Digital Signage project was undertaken as a joint project between CIS and Dining Services, in which Miguel Ruvalcaba led a team made up of staff from both areas. This excursion into matrix management  was not without its detours and bumps. We learned a lot and identified a need for general agreement on approaches to project management. Partly as a result of this experience, BAO and CIS staff will be attending a jointly funded two-day “project management for non-project managers” class in February.

During the second phase of the project, CIS came to learn of Engineering’s interest in deploying digital signs, which allowed collaboration with Engineering for installation of their digital sign using the same FourWinds software within a standardized deployment of systems and network devices. This sign can be seen in the Engineering lab on the third floor of the Parsons building. We have also deployed digital signs on the first and fifth floors of the Sprague building, and are working on developing content for those signs.

If you have an interest in installing digital signs in your department or area, please send a request to the



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