BAO and CIS service initiative

As a result of a joint retreat that the management teams of BAO (Business Affairs Office) and CIS held in late September, we launched a joint project to study our service provision.  The idea came from a discussion of how we access one another’s services.  For example, F&M reminded us that they would like us to use the F&M work order system to submit requests and they would use the system to track work on requests.  The CIS management team took some time to think through the question of how to access CIS services, and decided to spend 90 days on a joint project with BAO that would look at how well the current system is working for BAO requests.

What we told BAO was this:

There are two primary routes to accessing the IT support services at CIS:

  • Contact your DTA in person, via email or by phone.
  • Contact the Help Desk by visiting it, sending email or calling.

We are aware that there are secondary routes to accessing CIS service.  For example, people who have been at HMC a while will often call someone in CIS directly. There is nothing wrong with using secondary routes, though they can sometimes be less reliable (eg. the request recipient at CIS is on vacation, or sick or is preoccupied with other work).  We decided that we wanted to put as much reliability as possible into the systems that support the primary routes to service.

The 90 day service initiative is going well (we passed the 60 day mark earlier this month), and we are learning a lot on both sides. We anticipate making some changes to the ticket system and the way we work with it that will be designed to increase reliability and reduce the amount of back and forth between end users and us, as well as within CIS, when we are dealing with service requests.


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