Linux server “Odin” to be upgraded

We will be replacing the hardware of the Linux server named “Odin”, on Thursday Jan 15 2009 at 4 PM. The new system will still answer to the name “Odin”, and have all the user data and perform the same services as the current machine. The transition between servers is expected to take less than 4 hours.

While it is happening

– You will not be able to access any files or e-mail on Odin.
– You will not be able to pick e-mail up from Odin.
– Odin will not forward any e-mail. No e-mails will be lost, only delayed.
– You will not be able to access web pages hosted on

If you have questions or concerns about this upgrade or the scheduled downtime, please send email or call the CIS help desk at or x77777

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