Kaltura Pilot in Spring 2012

As you may know, the Educational Technology and Media Services group has been conducting a pilot of a lecture capture system in the Learning Studio Classroom. (You can read the details here.) The piece that’s been missing, however, is an easy and convenient way to upload and distribute the lecture capture videos to the faculty and students. We’ve also been looking for a video streaming solution that allows faculty, staff and students to upload videos by themselves. Our current video streaming server does not allow self-service uploading and distribution.

One of the solutions that we’ve been interested in is Kaltura, a video hosting service that we’ve seen demonstrated at several conferences. It’s been of particular interest because it has a tool that integrates with Sakai, our course management system. During the Fall 2011 semester we tested a free demo account and decided to go ahead with a limited pilot in the Spring 2012 semester.

We have several faculty who have agreed to help us test Kaltura this semester. In addition to faculty who will be using it as a test of the distribution part of our lecture capture system, we also have several faculty who will be testing it for uploading their own videos and distributing them to their students via Sakai.

We’re looking forward to hearing the facultys’ feedback on how well Kaltura meets their needs. Stay tuned for more news on both the lecture capture system and the Kaltura pilot.

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