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In mid November, I visited Reed College in Portland, Oregon, to learn about their user support program, their procedures and processes, and to meet the IT staff there.  If you haven’t heard of Reed College, it is a private, liberal arts college in Southeast Portland with about 1400 undergraduate students.

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This is a picture of their Help Desk, which is open until midnight.  A team of students helps staff their Help Desk.  I learned about their great student help program, where they have about 15-16 students working for them.  The students who have worked there longer are the ones who train the newer students.  When it gets busy, all hands are on deck, and the support staff are there to help out:
Reed College uses PaperCut software to handle print queuing and load balancing.  Coincidentally, PaperCut is also the print queuing software that I was investigating for student print queuing and card-swipe printing.
This is their print station directly across from their Help Desk.  The four identical printers are load balanced for print jobs.  The iMac you see to the left of the printers is a print release station:

This is one of their computer labs as viewed from the outside.  Reed faculy, staff, students, and computer labs mainly use Macs:

This is one of their computer labs:

I also learned a lot about their internal procedures and processes, and met a lot of great people in the IT department there.

The weather in Portland during that time was cold and wet, which reminded me of why California is referred to as “sunny California” all the time.

Here’s one more picture of an interesting wall I saw in Portland:

I’d be happy to talk to anyone about my experiences and things I learned at Reed!

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