December 2011 update from the CIO

This is the last update from the CIO for the Fall 2011 Semester.

Identity and Access Management (IAM).
We have begun work with Fischer International on our Identity and Access Management initiative.  Within the next twelve months, you’ll see self-service password management and a single sign on environment begin to emerge.  Read more in the article IAM @ HMC journey begins.

Bite of Learning.
The Fall Bite of Learning series ended December 8, with a packed house for Greg Lyzenga’s chat about paperless note taking using the Livescribe Pen and other technologies.  We recorded all of the sessions this semester, and will be getting them posted on the web over the break.  Elizabeth Hodas has been putting together the schedule for the Spring, so if you have a topic you’d like to discuss or a presenter you’d like to nominate (Skype works for off campus presenters!), then please get in touch with her.

Presentations on Educational Technology and Infrastructure.
At the annual Saddle Rock retreat for Trustees, I gave a presentation on Technology and Education.  Actually, it was more like a mini-presentation, designed to stimulate discussion among the retreat attendees.  You can see a reconstruction of the presentation in the article Saddle Rock Presentation on Technology and Education.  Earlier in the semester, Cindy Abercrombie, Mitch Shacklett and I discussed the College’s network infrastructure with one of the Trustee committees, the Physical Plant and Campus Planning Committee or PPCPC (say that acronym really quickly three times if you can!).  That presentation reviewed the questions we are asking about the infrastructure and revealed some of our early findings.  The overall goal of this work is to come up with a long term plan to improve and maintain the network.  You can see a reconstruction at PPCPC Presentation on Infrastructure.

Email and Calendar.
The email and calendar team turned off mailbox-02, the system that was formerly dedicated to in-house student email.  All the students and some faculty are now on Google Apps for Education.  After much to and fro about licensing, we recently received information from Microsoft about how to set up Office365 accounts.  Watch for updates on this during the Spring Semester — our goal is to be able to turn off mailbox-01 before the end of the fiscal year.

Joint work with BAO.
The CIS management team (Cindy Abercrombie, Elizabeth Hodas, Susan Selhorst, Mitch Shacklett, Calvin Tong, Joseph Vaughan) conducted a very fruitful day long retreat with the management team of the Business Affairs Office (Andrew Dorantes, David Dower, Cynthia Beckwith, Theresa Lauer, Miguel Ruvalcaba, Justin Low, Scott Martin).  We discovered many characteristics that our units have in common and worked on some of the challenges we face together as well as those we face at the intersection of our services.  You can read more in the article BAO and CIS Service Initiative.

CIS Highlights of the year.
In our last staff meeting of the year, CIS took time to reflect on the achievements of the past twelve months. We had fun doing this, and it is always good to review your accomplishments. You can read about them in the article Highlights of 2011

On behalf of all at CIS, I wish you all the best for the holidays and a restful break. Come back energized and ready for 2012!

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