September 2011 Audiovisual News

As you are probably aware one of the Audiovisual Office’s summer projects was to prepare eight temporary classrooms to replace the classrooms in Thomas-Garrett. Since the classrooms opened in August, the Dean of Faculty’s Office has made it possible for us to make a number of additional improvements to the temporary classrooms.

Furniture in the Learning Studio Classroom
Furniture in the Learning Studio Classroom

The video projector in Beckman B115 was one that we had moved from Thomas-Garrett and was not bright enough. It has been replaced with a new Epson video projector. We’re also working with the Dean of Faculty’s Office and Facilities and Maintenance to upgrade the audiovisual equipment in Parsons B146 to include audio, a new video projector, and an SP control system with a VHS/DVD player. We’re also hoping to replace the furniture with tables and chairs similar to, or the same as, the furniture in the Learning Studio.

We’ve also made a few repairs since the semester started. The video projector VGA cable in Parsons B144 was replaced. The motorized screen in Platt A/B has been repaired several times. We’re still having problems with it, however, in that it does not automatically stop at the correct height as it should. We are looking into replacing it.

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