Email and Calendar Migration Update

Early in the summer, CIS established a cross functional team to manage the conversion from locally hosted Zimbra mail to Google Apps for Education. Team members are Cindy Abercrombie, Mitch Shacklett, Calvin Tong, Andy Davenport and Veronica Hart. During the last two weeks of July, the team completed mail migrations from the mailbox-02 (Zimbra mail for students) mail server for class years 2008 – 2014, more than 700 mailboxes. They will soon work to complete mail migrations for remaining students on mailbox-02 who were not included in the standard migration process due to mismatches in student data and status, as part of a broader mail-server clean-up effort. Also, planning work has started for the migration from mailbox-01 (Zimbra mail for admin and faculty) to Microsoft 365 or Google Apps, which includes research of Microsoft migration tools and APIs available for use within a computing environment like HMC’s, where combinations of Active Directory, LDAP, Exchange, and Zimbra mail are used for production services.

Following Microsoft’s June announcement of the official launch of Microsoft Office 365, the team evaluated roadmaps and differences between MS live@edu and MS 365 with help from the Microsoft LiveEdUS Specialist Team. One primary difference with these MS cloud services is the per seat licensing for MS 365’s SharePoint, the replacement collaboration product for “consumer products” i.e. Word, Excel, PPT and One Note currently available with live@edu at no additional cost. The team will explore this issue further.

The team continues to explore technical service and support topics for email and calendaring with two cloud providers rather than one.

Please check the website (on Google Sites) to learn of updates about the email and calendar migration work.

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