Temporary classrooms to replace classrooms in Thomas-Garrett

With Thomas-Garrett scheduled to be torn down later this month, the Educational Technology and Media Services group and Facilities and Maintenance have been busy getting temporary classrooms ready for the Fall semester. There were eight classrooms in Thomas-Garrett. Those eight classrooms will be replaced by classrooms in the following spaces:

  • Parsons B144 (formerly the CIS Mac lab)
  • Parsons B146 (formerly the CIS PC lab)
  • Riggs Room in the Linde Activities Center
  • Baker Room in the Linde Activities Center
  • Beckman B115
  • Olin B143
  • 2 modular classrooms

All of the temporary classrooms will be outfitted with whiteboards and/or blackboards, screens, and video projectors. Since these classrooms are intended to be temporary we will not be outfitting them with all of the features of our standard classroom audiovisual setup. We will not be installing a control system, audio speakers, or DVD/VHS players. We have a 55″ LED LCD video screen with a DVD/VHS player that can be rolled into one of these classrooms if faculty would like to show a movie to the class. We are also considering placing computer speakers in each classroom so that faculty can play sound from their laptops.

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