Welcome Mitch Shacklett

Please welcome Mitch Shacklett to the CIS team. If you have the opportunity to get to know Mitch a little, you will quickly learn that he does not shy away from a challenge.  In fact, he once built a house high in the Colorado Rockies during the dead of winter.   The falling snow did not dissuade him, nor did the temptation of excellent snow skiing conditions.

When Mitch is not glued to his computer screen, he is racing dirt bikes across the deserts of the Southwest, climbing in Joshua Tree, mountain biking in Durango, or snow skiing in Silverton. Can you keep up?

Mitch is a carne asada burrito connoisseur, who is on a mission to find the best burrito. His taste testing to date has Filibertos of Mesa AZ and Juanita’s Drive-In of Claremont CA tied.  Feel free to send him a recommendation.

This well balanced Director of Systems and Network will be leading our computing environment toward the best standards, while advancing our technical services.

3 Replies to “Welcome Mitch Shacklett”

  1. Would love to know what other carne asada burrito joints in the area make the cut for you.

  2. Welcome, Mitch, Had to laugh about the “burrito” .. I have a standing order, whenever I visit my brother in Colorado, I MUST bring SEVERAL dozen Juanita’s Carne Asada Burritos to him or I can’t visit. They must come from the Juanita’s on Indian Hill … LOL. Best of luck on your new appointment here at Mudd and your search for a “better” burrito. Kim

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