Welcome Cindy Abercrombie to CIS

This month we welcome Cindy Abercrombie as the newest member of the CIS staff. Cindy has worked on many interesting projects over the years but participating in the conversion of an old navy building into a state-of-the-art Internet data center stands out the most. The old navy building had tunnels to the sea wall and artillery buried in the basement. Pillars in the data center basement were cut and jacked up 20 inches to allow for the insertion of a ball and cup device that allowed the building to roll 18” in any direction.  This amount of building movement required an open channel, 2 foot wide, around the building and flexible connectors to city utilities.  The building also had 10 generators on the roof that relied on flywheels producing kinetic energy as an interim source of power (rather than batteries) if there was a loss of utility power.  There was also a 100,000 gallon water tank installed under the building for the cooling system, in case an earthquake ruptured water mains. As the new Director of Projects and Planning  Cindy will put such experiences to good use.

When Cindy is not working on information technology projects she spends her time with her kids working on LEGO projects, talking about books, and watching their sporting events. She also seems to have good luck at the casinos. She won royal flush on video poker machines three times.

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  1. @ Hal,
    Cindy is Director of IT Projects and Planning. She is helping move forward our initiatives in IT Governance, Policy creation, long term budgeting and overseeing the business operations of CIS.
    Currently she is busy leading the team that is working on email and calendar migration plans.

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