New Human Resources Software

In November 2010, CUC provided the Presidents’ Council with a comprehensive report on Payroll software options.  It was a part of my holiday reading in December.  The report summarizes options available to the Consortium and recommends the adoption of Ultipro by Ultimate Software.  Ultipro is delivered in a SaaS (“software as a service”) model, so it is not run on servers housed locally.

In January the Presidents’ Council approved the recommendation, with a target “go live” date of 1/1/2012.  Taxes are an important part of payroll software, so it is a good idea to go live at the start of a calendar year.

The new software will allow for a significant amount of self-service via the web for employees and managers. Many of our paper based processes will be replaced.  Moreover, benefits (currently Aliquant) and time reporting (currently eTime) will be integrated in the new system.   Based on everything I’ve heard from users, this is all good news!

The report is available upon request by contacting Ken Pifer, CUC VP/Treasurer, at 909-607-0809

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