February Audiovisual News

This February has been relatively quiet for Audiovisual Services. We had some issues with the SP control system in the Learning Studio Classroom. After the system failed twice unexpectedly the contractor came out and replaced the entire unit. Fortunately the video projector could still be turned on and off using the remote control and we brought in portable speakers for faculty who needed audio. We have not had any more problems since the system was replaced. The new video projectors in the Green Room and Platt A/B performed flawlessly during the January Board of Trustee meetings. Our contractor came out briefly last week to adjust the screen in Platt A/B which was not at the correct height for the new video projector. All of the new video projectors come with built-in wireless projection capabilities and we’ll be testing those out over the next few months.

The big excitement of the month was on Monday, February 28th when we discovered that the main video projector in Galileo McAlister was not working. We took it down and replaced it with a spare projector which is working fine. When we opened the malfunctioning video projector we discovered that the bulb had exploded, showering the inside of the projector with glass. So that projector is currently with the vendor for repair.

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